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Bed and Breakfast Insurance
By: David Esposto

You’ve put a lot of money and more importantly your time into getting your Bed and Breakfast off to a start. From the headaches of financing to the hard work associated with making it aesthetically pleasing, now all that’s left is the insurance to make sure that if any mishaps occur you will be covered. There are many outlets which specifically deal with bed and breakfast insurance that are there to answer your questions and help you get the coverage you deserve. Here are some important tips to consider when looking into B&B insurance.

  • Finding a professional: While there are a plethora of professionals willing to help, it is important to find a professional which specifically suits your needs. From life insurance agents to business insurance agents, these professionals are all important aspects of your B&B operations. Other questions will inevitably arise also, such as: Are you going to go with a professional specifically suited to B&B businesses? Or one with a more wide array of skills and traits for other aspects of the business? Like the business itself, choosing a professional should not be a quick and out-on-a-whim decision. Take your time and make sure your first choice is the right choice.

  • Look for Packages: Insuring your B&B means that you will need a wide array of insurance agents. From a life insurance agent, an auto insurance agent, disability insurance agent, and business insurance agent, the amount of agents out there is endless. But while this may seem like a daunting task, do your research, use your best judgments and decide whether there are packages available where all your questions will be answered in one shot. Along with the convenience these packages and programs offer, it may also save you some much needed cash in the long run, without having to commit to a varying degree of price points.

  • Quotes, Quotes, Quotes! Shop around. While many insurance brokers offer competitive rates which seem like the right fit, shop around and get a feel for the different rates you are receiving. With the Internet making research and information easily accessible, fill out some on-line application forms and get an idea of what kind of quotes you are eligible for. As a B&B innkeeper, you owe it to yourself to shop around and grab as many quotes as possible. The more you look in the beginning, the more you will save and the happier (maybe), you’ll be in the end.

  • Locale Specific: Before deciding on the insurance which best suits your B&B, make sure you specify your location and find out if there are any additional types of insurance which you will need to purchase. For example, if your B&B is located within a flood zone, you will need flood insurance which covers damages associated with the flood activity. Another example is hurricane and tornado ridden areas, which can also pose a risk if your insurance does not cover situations and occurrences such as this. Be sure to be as specific as possible when searching for insurance, because next to the overall running and maintenance of your establishment, insurance is of utmost importance.

In the end, the more research you do, the more questions you ask and the more in-depth you go in your search, the better off your insurance rates will be. Headaches and hassle will be reduced to a minimum, but only if you are well aware of all the issues which may make obtaining specific insurance a problem. Don’t be afraid to be a pest, after all, your life and future of the business is at stake.


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