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Bed and Breakfast / Inn Technology
By: Jessica Marshall

Technological innovations have made conducting business a whole lot easier. From reaching far corners of the world instantaneous to providing more efficient, organized and advanced communication, the role of technology in your daily B&B duties will not only allow for a further scope of clientele and outreach, but will also make your daily activities a lot more easier to organize and implement. Below are a few ways technology can be used to improve business and add more flair to your bed and breakfast.

  • VOIP: Many B&B’s charge additional costs for all long distance and even local calls to their guests. To avoid the hassle of unhappy guests, why not introduce voice over internet protocols, or VOIP? Here is some information on this revolutionary tool which will save not only you, but your customers money, and could even be used as an added selling point for your B&B. VOIP allows your customers the ability to deliver voice communication over the internet, in other words, one can make a phone call using their already enabled internet service provider. Some of the features of VOIP include:

    • The ability to transmit more than one telephone call over the same broadband connection. This can make VoIP a simple way to add an extra telephone line to a home or office.

    • Advanced features such as call routing, computer screen pops, are easier and cheaper to execute and incorporate.

    • Conference calling, call forwarding, automatic redial, and caller ID; zero- or near-zero-cost features that traditional telecommunication companies normally charge extra for.

  • Satellite Television: Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the comforts of home television with you at your B&B? With many bed and breakfasts catering to out-of-towners and tourists alike, the ability for them to keep up with the news or entertainment they regularly enjoy at home during their stay will increase customer satisfaction, while allowing the innkeeper to keep cable costs to a minimum while expanding the scope of services they offer. With satellite packages getting cheaper and cheaper as the days go by, and with cable becoming almost obsolete, offering satellite television will not only leave the customer happy, but yourself as well.

  • Wireless Internet in each room: The internet has become so commonplace in our society that the ethos of ‘whenever, wherever’ has become also engrained into our society. The pros of adding internet access in each room far outweigh the cons, as your customers can keep up with work if need be or even check that evenings movie times for a night out on the town.

By adding technology to your B&B, both business and customer satisfaction will flourish. While in the short-term the costs will increase, your profits will inevitably get higher. Adapting to the times will ensure that your customers recognize your mission in providing the most up-to-date and newest technologies. Take the time to do your research, in the end it will all pay off!

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