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Bed & Breakfast Environmental
By: David Esposto

Contributing to a sustainable eco-system and adopting an environmentally friendly approach to running your B&B will not only do wonders for the environment, but also add to your B&B’s selling point features, as more and more tourists and clients look for ways to go green, even on vacation. By adopting such an approach, your B&B will be an up-to-date facility which prides itself upon not only being eco-friendly, but also adapting to the changing times in the industry.

Minimizing waste while maximizing efficiency is of utmost importance when becoming eco-friendly. From methods to reduce waste, to clean energy systems and finally promoting the scenery around your B&B, there are endless possibilities when looking to go green. Your Inn can also proudly display its green efforts through the design and functionality of your home – even in the kitchen. Since many B&B’s pride themselves upon offering elegant, delicious breakfasts, going green in the kitchen will not only offer piece of mind but also a promise to all of your eco-friendly guests: that you are conscious of their needs and will do whatever possible to accommodate them accordingly. Below are some tips on how you can transform your space into a green, eco-friendly atmosphere.

  • Minimize & Maximize: In business minimizing ways of extra-spending is crucial to maximizing profitability and success. In the case of turning your inn into a green space, minimizing your waste, while maximizing the use you get out of certain materials will dramatically increase your assets. By using the three R’s (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse) it will work wonders for your B&B as you look to push your materials and eco-friendly ethos to the limit and beyond.

  • Sustainability, Sensibility equals Success: For many ‘green’ keepers, sustenance practices of running a green B&B is not only a sensible decision but one, which if implemented correctly can become quite successful. From the three R’s which were mentioned in earlier, to ways of reducing waste and even using sensible and alternative methods of action, such as bio-degradable materials or energy saving appliances, cutting-corners wherever possible will not only maintain a positive business sense, but also a client savvy and satisfactory relationship as well – all promoting a successful business.

  • Yours to Discover: From lush gardens to nature walks along scenic trails, discovering a new environment on your dream getaway is a great way to promote the appeal of ecotourism for all of your ecologically and socially conscious guests. By focusing new ways to market your B&B’s external features, ecotourism’s ability to shed light on personal growth of your community, and learning new ways on how your surroundings can be used to promote your B&B, discovering new ways of attracting clientele is now easier than ever.

The eco-craze has taken our society by storm. By getting into the loop of things your B&B and you, yourself will not miss a beat and will be sure to keep in touch with high demands, as customers shift their attention to a whole new scope of issues. With the environment being such a hot topic, focusing your business and career goals on these specific needs and wants of the industry, you will be sure to not only make a difference in the environment but also the overall service and hospitality you provide your clients.

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